Sunday Morning & Weekday Lenten Services Worship Bulletins:

Holy Communion liturgy

(first Sunday of each month)

check the bulletin above first to choose the right one.


    At PEUMC, we encourage our online worshippers to celebrate with us ***LIVE*** whenever possible, especially for participating in Holy Communion.
    We do not encourage our online worshippers to use substitutionary elements from their own home (bread and juice).  Even without consuming physical elements, we still invite you to be in prayerful reflection during this part of our worship services.  There is a dispensation of grace available to all who give thanks to God alongside us (even virtually) during our worship services, especially when one is worshipping ***LIVE***.
    This is not a matter of being “invalid” or “sacrilegious.”  Holy Communion is inherently a ritual that binds together a community of believers.  It’s true nature is about the gathered Body of Christ.  While we understand our online worshippers as a true part of our worshipping community, gathered with us *in spirit*, online Communion leans dangerously close to turning it into a private/personal action.
    Instead, if you desire to partake of the bread and cup but cannot attend Sunday morning worship in-person, a better solution is to talk to Pastor Caleb.  Pastor Caleb will be honored to celebrate Holy Communion with you, in-person, at a separate time and location.  Please do not hesitate to call upon the pastor to receive Holy Communion as an extension of our congregational worship.

Holy Baptism liturgy (at least 4x a year)

check the bulletin first to choose the right one.

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