Worship Style (Sunday mornings)

a blended service
(a service with rituals that are inspirational but relatable)

We strive to be multigenerational, with an arm in the past to grasp the best of our heritage and an arm in the future to reach for the fruit that God is bearing in our lives.   Our music is chosen from The United Methodist Hymnal (1989), The Faith We Sing (2001), and Worship & Song (2011).  Our service is dotted with prayers, scripture, and readings in a liturgical manner.  We value full participation of the whole family of God.  Written and spoken liturgy (meaning ‘the work of the people’) helps us to engage in body and soul.

What to Expect (Sunday mornings)

STYLE:  Our worship strives to balance heartfelt congregational involvement with historic liturgy and order (“Word and Table”).  Traditional hymns and more contemporary choruses are used throughout the service.  Prayers on behalf of the Church, world, nation, community, and personal requests are offered each week.  The Scripture readings and sermon theme usually follow a pattern either as a sermon series or following the Narrative Lectionary.  We normally read from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) or another contemporary easy-to-follow English translation.  The Church Year, with its Holy Days and seasons, orders the life of our congregation.

PARTICIPATION:  Our honored guests are invited to participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable.  We do not make guests stand up and introduce themselves.  Bulletins are provided to help us all fully participate and feel comfortable together.

GIVING: We believe your presence, as an honored guest, is blessing enough for us.  We do not ask that you give from your pocketbook unless you believe it is God’s will.  The offering plates are no longer passed through the pews.  A Guest Card will be handed to you during the opening of our service and we invite you to fill out and return a portion of it to the offering plates (they remain stationary near the front doors).

ATTIRE: Casual!  We are a blue-collar and even no-collar church!  Don’t let the stone facade and stained-glass fool you.  Come as you are!  You will be loved no matter what you wear!  What’s important to God (and us) is what’s on the inside!