A Word of Welcome to Our Seekers

We are so honored that you are considering us
as your new church and church family!

    If you are primarily seeking an online church and worship experience, we are the first to say that, for many, online community is a legitimate and important form of community.  It can fill a need otherwise unmet elsewhere due to particular life conditions and situations that many people have.  Online options are the perfect solution for meeting the spiritual needs people have in the various times and seasons of their busy lives.  This is particularly true today as we wrestle with COVID-19-related safety protocols. 

    Nevertheless, even in this digital and virtual age, with social distancing encouraged for all, PEUMC still maintains that safe in-person worship and community-building is preferred.  For a deeper understanding of the need for communal participation (face-to-face), please see Our Core Values on our About Us page.

    For all our seekers, we thank you for considering worshipping with us.  Our prayer for you is that our online worship option will inspire you to take another step toward meeting us in-person (whenever you feel your health is at minimal risk).  May you one day feel God calling you to join closer with a community of faith and may you feel comfortable doing so when it happens!

Until then, may God continue to bless you abundantly, friend!


The sanctuary is street level and is wheelchair accessible.  An ADA restroom is near the main entrance.  Our parking lot features several handicap spaces near the main entrance. 

Our Elevator Project, to be completed in the Fall of 2023, will make our facilities fully accessible and wheelchair friendly.

Our Fellowship Hall and Memorial Lounge are air-conditioned; unfortunately, they are not currently wheelchair accessible, except for a chair lift near the front entry.  The lower levels (office and classroom spaces) are accessible by ramp from the north-facing, highway-side door.

Large print bulletins, Bibles, and hymnals are available as you enter the sanctuary.  Our service is also amplified via microphones and monitors.  Our sanctuary TVs display our liturgy in large, easy-to-read words.  Our services are also live streamed on YouTube for our homebound and shut-ins.

Medical Concerns

In the most central part of our building is our Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  This device walks the user through the steps in a loud, clear voice.  Our congregation has been trained to use this AED.

Our congregation also consists of several nurses, retired and active.

A First-Aid kit can be found in the kitchen.

For Our Young Ones

Children of all ages are welcome to our worship service!  We believe children ought to be a part of the fullness of our congregational life.  Most of our members here have brought up their children and grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, in this church.  This sanctuary has seen–and heard–it all! 

                         We believe there is great value in families worshipping together! 
                 We value all the wiggles and giggles, cries and fits that God puts in them! 
                                                             They are signs of life! 
                                                                 We *need* them!

Bags with toys and activity pages are available to all our youngest friends; they are located in the front entryway. 

There is a nursery available for you if you feel the need to step out momentarily.  It is stocked and well-cleaned.  We see ourselves as a group of grandmothers and grandfathers ready and willing to welcome you and your child(ren) with open hearts and open arms! 

The family that prayers together, stays together!  If you are in need of an extended family, let us be that for you!