Sunday Morning Worship

10:00 – 11:00 am
PEUMC Sanctuary*
In-person and Facebook Live

* Please refer to our home page concerning our COVID-19-related restrictions.

Worship services are live-streamed, with video starting approximately 2 minutes before time of service.   Click on the Facebook Icon (on the left) to view the service.  

NOTE:  While waiting live for the service video to start, keep refreshing your page so you don’t miss the start of the service.   If you are experiencing audio or visual issues, first try exiting the live-stream and rejoining.  Many audio or visual issues are fixed by Facebook when viewed *after* the live stream.  Services can be viewed at any time and are not removed from our Facebook page.

Worship on Wednesdays W.O.W.

   7:00 – 8:00 pm
PEUMC Fellowship Hall
In-person and ZOOM

Worship on Wednesdays (W.O.W.) began mid-August 2021 and is led primarily by Pastor Caleb.  This is most unlike Sunday morning worship and may not feel like a “service” to some but may be exactly what others may need.  The style and topic will be different from Sunday morning services.  W.O.W. takes place in the upstairs Fellowship Hall of the church where we have the convenience of an open space and air conditioning.  The style and attitude are very informal.  Large-font easy-to-read lyrics are projected on the TV for full participation.  


  • An opening songfest featuring about 5 songs (gospel hymns, choruses, praise songs, etc.)
  • A study on a particular topic, often presented as a book study (worshippers do not need copies).
  •  A sharing of joys and concerns with a prayer to follow.
  • A final pick-a-hymn to close the service.

Open discussion is encouraged

    The atmosphere of W.O.W. is a book study or small group surrounded by music.  The discussion/book topics are chosen by the participants to maximize relevancy.  The songs chosen reflect a variety of styles and generations with the intention to be as eclectic and wide-ranging as feasible so that each worshipper will be enabled to sing something old and new, familiar and fresh.  It’s a spiritual discipline to learn a new song

A modified prerecording of the service is uploaded weekly to our Facebook on Wednesdays.  It does not feature the lesson but does include the music and prayers.  Click the Facebook icon on the left to view.

ZOOM is your option if you wish to participate in the full service (including the open discussion book study that follows).  Click on the ZOOM icon to participate in our worship service via ZOOM (video teleconferencing program)

* Please refer to our home page concerning our COVID-19-related restrictions.