PEUMC is a drop-off for the 2022 In-Gathering supplies

The Wisconsin Conference Disaster Response Team and Mission Motivation Committee has been working with Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC), located outside Springfield, IL.  We are one of several locations around the state where supplies can be collected.  This link will take you to the page detailing the supplies and how to give.

Drop off during office hours OR use box by the front (glass) doors.
LAST DAY: Thursday, June 9th

Below is the amount PEUMC & NUCC helped raise for UMCOR Ukraine Relief

PEUMC has moved to "Masks Optional" for all our events and services. We ask for your continued respect of other's personal space, hug after asking. Consider adopting the personal policy of "Masking while Mingling." 100% pew availability will return April 10th, if COVID cases remain low.

On Tuesday, March 8th, Reconciling Ministries Network publicly confirmed our affiliation, making us the newest Reconciling United Methodist Congregation in the world! Use the button below to see their FB post and comments!

Church Council (every third Sunday) after service