A series of 8 modules, across 2 years
4 a year:
2 in the fall + 2 in the spring

–Are you an older youth or adult wanting to be baptized and profess your faith (become a member)?
–Are you a curious seeker?
–Are you unchurched or dechurched, wishing to reconnect to a community of faith?
–Are you a church member desiring to learn more?
–Are you a parent or guardian wanting a dependent of yours to be baptized?


Every United Methodist Church seeks to have an “intentional discipleship system” to help bring people into deeper expressions of spirituality and discipleship.  While Confirmation is the typical class for younger youth, our Discipleship Pathway is the series for older youth, young adults, and adult. 
The whole Pathway is PEUMC’s requirement for adult baptism and reception into membership. 
Transferring membership will require a customized Pathway for you. 
Module #1: “Holy Baptism: By Water & the Spirit”
will need to be reviewed for all parents and guardians wishing to have a child baptized.
For more information, please refer to our YouTube video: “Discipleship Pathway: An Overview.”
All of our printed materials are duplicated as videos on our YouTube Channel, found in a designated playlist.

Each Module is scheduled to be conducted within a single month. 
Each module will feature 2-4 in-person gatherings for discussions on the topic. 
The discussions are based on the reading. 
The reading comes in two forms: (1) printed reading packet and (2) video series on YouTube
(playlist: ‘Discipleship Pathway’). 
Both versions cover the same material, and both feature a series of questions to help process the information.  The in-person gatherings are largely based on your responses to the questions.

COST: The whole Pathway is FREE!
REGISTER: Register at any time throughout the year (use the form below). 
The Pathway has no official start or end, as it continuously rotates every 2 years. 
Register in-person on a clipboard outside the sanctuary doors or register on this page (see below).

The Pathway at a Glance


Module 3:
Encountering the Risen Christ
March 2023
DATES: TBD by participants
+3 in-person sessions+



Module 4

“Holy Bible – The Greatest Story Ever Told”
May 2023
DATES: TBD by participants
+3 in-person sessions+

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Be ready to offer your available dates
during the month of your selected module.
The dates & times will be scheduled according to *your* availability.