United Women in Faith

See “Meeting Schedule” Below

The UWIF’s Purpose: We are a “community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.” 

The United Women in Faith (or UWF) (formerly United Methodist Women) is a denominational-wide organization (the largest faith organization for women in the world, with 800,000 members globally)!  The UWIF offers all Methodist women opportunities for spiritual growth, leadership development, transformative education and service and advocacy.  Its current advocacy priorities are climate justice, economic inequality, maternal and child health, and ending criminalization of communities of color and mass incarceration.  They also support immigration reform and advocate on behalf of refugees’ rights.  The UWIF is pro-choice and supportive of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  Local units, such as at PEUMC, are open to all women of all backgrounds.   The UWIF is open to all women and advocates for women’s rights regardless, locally and globally, of income, sexual orientation, race, age, or other backgrounds. 

The PEUMC unit of the UWIF meets on the first Thursday of most month (see below for exact times & dates).  The unit has a rotating presidential office, but the contact for UWIF is Mary H. (715-887-3758)

Meetings include a light lunch or dessert, devotions, business portion, and special program.

Activities include: annual bazaar (in November) and other various mission projects & requests throughout the year.

Missions: Heartland District pledge, gifts in memory, thank offering, special mission recognitions, gifts to Opportunity Development Center, Family Center, Hmong House of Good News, Northcott Neighborhood House, and a scholarship for a female Mid-State student.

Circle of Friends

See “Meeting Schedule” Below

Circle of Friends is a smaller, more intimate version of United Methodist Women (UMW).

What takes place at the meetings?
   –Devotions & programs
   –UMW-related business
   –help with the UMW bazaar
   –sell Rada cutlery (see below)
   –fund Mission Projects (locally & abroad)

2022 Circle of Friends Meeting Schedule

September 14 – 1:00 pm
    Devotions: Diane, Pat
    Hostesses:  Midge, Pat
    Location: PEUMC Fellowship Hall

October 12 – 1:00 pm     
    Devotions:  LuAnn Slattery
    Hostesses:  Maribeth, LuAnn

December 14 – 1:00 pm
     Devotions:  Mary 
     Hostesses:  Kathy M., Mary

Rada Cutlery for Sale

Bagel Knife —                       $7.00
Cheese Knife —                    $7.75
Cook Utility —                      $7.50
Deluxe Peeler —                  $7.50
Granny Fork —                     $5.75
Granny Paring Knife —       $4.75
Handi-Stir —                        $6.00
Heavy Duty Paring —         $5.00
Mini-Server —                     $6.25
Party Spreader —                $6.25
Regular Parer —                  $4.75
Serrated Food Chopper — $5.50
Serrated Slicer —                $8.00
Super Spreader —               $7.00
Tomato Slicer —                  $5.75
Vegetable Peeler —            $6.75

PLEASE CALL MARY H. (715-887-3758)
for orders and additional information.

Sunshine Reading Circle

(meets as needed)

The Sunshine Reading Circle is a book club based on the National United Methodist Women’s reading list.  This reading program encourages members to think critically about current issues through an annual selection of member-reviewed books.  This group is an excellent opportunity to deepen your spirituality and broaden your understanding of the United Methodist Women’s Mission Work.

For more information call Lucy S. (715-325-2841)
                                       or Diane S. (715-887-4373)

2022 PEUMC UWIF Meeting Schedule

Thurs., September 1, 2022 – 12:15 pm
    Program: Nehemiah Throws a Party
    Presented by:  Becky Taylor
     President: LuAnn Slattery
    Hostesses: Carol Ann Harvestine, Becky Taylor,
                        Diane Sweat, Gloria Wunrow
    Location: PEUMC Fellowship Hall

October, 2022 – TBD
    President: Diane Sweat
    Hostesses: Diane Sweat, Ellen Mazurek,
                        Maribeth Lacasse-Salo
    Location: PEUMC Fellowship Hall

Saturday, November 5, 2022 – Annual Bazaar

Thurs., December 1, 2022 – 12:15 pm
    Program: We Wailed and You Did Not Mourn
    Presented by:  Lucy Silvester
    President: Becky Taylor
    Hostesses: Maribeth Lacasse-Salo, LuAnn Slattery,
                        Mary Heuer
    Location: PEUMC Fellowship Hall