Youth, usually between 11 and 14 years of age, learn the meaning of Christian faith, the history and teaching of the United Methodist Church and how to be in discipleship with Jesus Christ with the intention of affirming baptism vows before the congregation.

Youth Group Meetings

Please remember we will continue with youth group this summer. Any kids that are going into 6th grade through 12th are welcome to join us. We usually have a nice dinner, some group learning time and interesting games geared for youth. Of course, we would love to have some adults join in, what better way to support the youth of our church than to participate and interact with them! Give some thought to growing in your involvement with the church and if you feel called to assist, even in a small way, please let us know.  Meetings will be on Friday, July 13th , August 3rd, and August 24th . 5:30 Meal, 6:00 Curriculum, 7:00 Games.



The dates of this year’s VBS program is July 15th through July 19th (Sunday through Thursday) from 5:30 – 8 pm. There will be a free sack lunch available for kids starting at 4:45 pm. The theme is Shipwrecked and is guaranteed to be fun for the kids and adults as well. We are partnering with First English Lutheran who will host the event as they did last year. Crystal is working on preparing a sign up sheet to donate food to the event and will pass that around in church similar to last year. Please remember on 7/19, all the congregation and friends/family are invited to the final program where the kids will talk about what they learned and sing the songs they learned. Registration forms will be posted on our Facebook page and the church website. All kids are welcome!